Local Selling Tips

Currently, we are in a very strong buyers market. As a home seller you are competing against not one, but several different types of sellers which include:

1.) Foreclosures

2.) Short-sales

3.) Relocation

4.) Bank/Government owned

Three of the four listed above may require substantial work and renovation due to neglect, vandalism, and lack of maintenance. As a seller this is where you differentiate yourself.

Let's not sugar-coat the fact you will not pull the price you would have five years ago, but you can minimize price deterioration, and be competitive in the marketplace by doing a few common-sense projects. These include:

1.)  Making the grounds and exterior presentable. Got a little chipping paint, touch it up. Knee deep in weeds, mow and fertiize.

2.) Clean and organize the interior. Buyers will look in closets, under sinks, crawl spaces, and everywhere imaginable. Always remember, your buyer may be the most slovenly person in the world but they want to buy a clean house.

3.)  Keep it light. Open drapes, turn on lights, and if paint or wall covering is "closing in" the room make a change. 

4.) Have an eye for detail. Put yourself in the buyers shoes and look for little things that may distract or annoy a potential purchaser. For example, a leaky faucet or annoying drip, a creaky hinge or window, drywall cracks or holes. These little items are easy and inexpensive to remedy and make a house look and feel like a home and not a "project".

5.) Keep it dry. Foreclosures are notorious for flooded basements, broken pipes and sump pumps,etc. If your basement is dry and has been for years make sure you note this on the Sellers Disclosure Statement.

While every buyer right now is looking for a dea,l that doesn't mean they are looking for a project.  Showcase your home to be in move-in condition, and not requiring extensive repair and renovation. When a buyer perceives your home to be  a better value than a bank owned property which requires substantial work and expenditure you move from a home on the market to a sold and closed property.

I hope you find these tips useful.  Should you have questions, or desire more home selling tips please do not hesitate to contact me .

Sincerely, Mark Calvert